How It Works

DTG or Direct To Garment, is our solution for quick printing of shirts and hoodies. Shirts are run through a printer, just like you would paper, and the end results are what you wear! DTG can print a wide array of colors in solid tones, making it great for album covers, vibrant artwork, and photos! Whether its for a one off for an event, a small batch production to test your target market, or a single shirt for Jim's Birthday, DTG can get you out the door quickly.

The First Step

The first step of the process begins with you! Using our designer, you can chose your product (by selecting 'change product' on the left hand of the screen), add the text you want to see, or upload a design you already have completed, and see how it will look on the garment you have chosen. Once you have got the design down, be sure to chose your garment color, the number of shirts you'd like to purchase, and the sizes you need. Once that's complete, you can place an order as simply as pressing 'Buy' on the right hand of the designer.

If you need multiple colors, or need help with a design, be sure to head over to our ordering page to see our pricing guide and further details about a more in depth order.

Up Next

Once you've ordered your desired design and clothing, the next step is in our hands! We collect the garments you've requested, make sure your artwork is high quality, and size it to fit the items you've ordered. The whole process, from order placed to in your hands takes us on average, seven to ten business days.


Q: I've placed my order! Where is it?

A: Once you've placed your order, there will be a 3-7 day turn around period (depending on garment availability). You will recieve an email from our system once your clothing has been produced, at which point it will be available for pickup at The Graphic Hive, or shipped to you if you have chosen that option.

Q: I have a complex order/I need art for my garments/I need specific garments

A: If you find yourself needing art for your order, specific garments not offered by our Designer, or any other numbler of things not covered by what is offered here, then our order page may offer the solution you are looking for. It provides an in depth order form, as well as a myriad of design ideas that will help you get what you're looking for.

If all else fails, please contact us, and we can help you find a solution that works for your needs.

Q: Can I order a single shirt? Two? Three?

A: Yes! DTG allows us to print a single shirt, whereas screen printing we have a minimum of 25 garments. If you need a single shirt, or any other small numbler of products, DTG is the solution for you.

Q: Why do dark garments cost more than light or white ones?

A: Dark garments require a step known as 'pretreating' for the ink to adhere to the fabric. This process involves both more time during production, as well as the treatment itself. Likewise, most non-white garments require a white underbase, which is a process that often doubles the amount of ink being utilized. As such, our prices for dark shirts reflects this.

Q: What can I have printed on a shirt?

A: Thanks to the process involved with DTG, we can print almost anything! From portraits to logos, and almost everything in between, we have a broad range of flexibility. We cannot however, print copyrighted material. No Disney characters, brand logos (IE: Supreme, Gucci, etc), or other protected imagery!

Q: What kind of art file works for DTG?

A: We prefer and appreciate if you send or upload art in a transparent PNG format, however we can work with EPS and PSD files as well. The higher the resolution the better, as it will be produced as provided unless otherwise established.

Q: Do inks wash out?

A: We use a high end Brother DTG printer. We've washed our shirts at home and they have not washed out. We cannot guarentee this however, depending on what detergent you utilize.

Q: Do you offer rush printing?

A: Yes we do, however please be aware that rush turnaround has additional fees, starting at 10% and increasing dependent on how quickly you want your product in hand.

Q: The end result wasn't the exact color I was expecting! -or- Can you color match?

A: Unfortunately due to the low volume being ordered, we are unable to offer color matching. The graphic provided will print how the software interprets it. Adjustments can be made but will incur additional run charges.

Q: Can I supply my own garments?

A: We do not accept customer supplied garments, as they need to be pre-shrunk cotton (Or high cotton 90%+). Likewise we are unable to replace any customer supplied items that are damaged in the process, as in rare cases garments may print poorly or react negatively to pretreat or temperatures used in curing.

Q: Can I mix and match garment types and colors?

A: You can, however this requires a more in depth order. Please use our ordering page, or contact us to start the process.

Q: Where can you print on clothing?

A: Most prints can be done either as a full front print, full back print, or a pocket print.

Q: Can you do 'all over' printing?

A: Not at this time.

Q: What is your return and refund policy?

A: Unless the reason for return is on us (in which case we will give you our best efforts to rectify the problem!) we can not accept returns or offer refunds. As they are custom printed garments to your specifications, we are unable to reuse or resell such items.

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